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This site aims to provide a forum for users of Statistics for Experimenters to find papers, data sets and related tools for the applied statistics and Design of Experiments communities.

"Catalyzing innovation, problem solving, and discovery, the Second Edition provides experimenters with the scientific and statistical tools needed to maximize the knowledge gained from research data, illustrating how these tools may best be utilized during all stages of the investigative process. The authors' practical approach starts with a problem that needs to be solved and then examines the appropriate statistical methods of design and analysis.

Complete with applications covering the physical, engineering, biological, and social sciences, Statistics for Experimenters is designed for individuals who must use statistical approaches to conduct an experiment, but do not necessarily have formal training in statistics. Experimenters need only a basic understanding of mathematics to master all the statistical methods presented. This text is an essential reference for all researchers and is a highly recommended course book for undergraduate and graduate students."

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Statistics for Experimenters is now available in Spanish. Read a bit more can find a bit more on the Spanish edition, in Spanish. Estadísitica para Investigadores Diseño, innovación y descubrimiento.

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